In the year 2011, I’ve embarked on a journey to fill up and number my sketchbooks in the hope to see tremendous improvement in my drawing ability and storytelling by sketchbook number 100! You can find a few of my sketchbooks here.

Sketchbooks are arranged from most recent to oldest.


Sketchbook #32 - Documenting my two weeks in Holland attending ArtEZ’s Graphic Design Arnhem Summer Sessions. I got to learn a lot about research methodologies behind graphic design, as well as develop my own research about abstracting language!


Sketchbook #23 - Quick doodles from a short trip to Istanbul back in 2017.


Sketchbook #11 - Drawings from a visit to Lebanon during the summer of 2015.


Sketchbook #9 - My main focus during this period was practicing gestures and analyzing film compositions. Many of the film studies are of Studio Ghibli’s animation films.